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What’s  In It for Me?

You mean besides getting to learn a whole lot of interesting things, meeting renowned scientists and visiting places of astrophysical value?

Wait, we didn’t tell you about the renowned scientist part, did we? Or the tours? This is the first time you are hearing about it?


About the famous scientists ? Yep, that is right! You would get to meet renowned scientists from ISRO who will conduct or facilitate—basically means answering your questions or getting you to talk to each other and stepping in to play referee when you all get too enthusiastic with your own point of view sessions.

Oh and tours! How can we forget the tours? You will be taken to ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC), Indian Deep Space Network and of course, the Planetarium.

What else?

Well, you will also get to meet other people of your age who share your interests. Keep in touch with them after you leave space camp. Who knows, maybe you will find some lifelong friends among them.

You can also keep in touch with Space Club faculty and the scientists and seek their help if you have a question regarding space exploration, career opportunities there in, or anything in the far skies that catches your interest. You will have a direct line with some of ISRO’s best and brightest.

And… if you would like to pursue a career in science or space exploration, this camp would give you a sound launch pad.

Whatever happens, you will have fun! Don’t believe us? Ask the folks who have attended the camp beforeOr call up our organisers.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply to be a part of the Space Camp today

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